An old-school Stillwater matchmaker thrives in the age of dating apps

An old-school Stillwater matchmaker thrives in the age of dating apps

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“I met somebody recently — she’s sweet, belated 30s, professional — and she stated, ‘Erica, we continued Bumble, and I also had a lot of communications within my inbox within the week-end.’ One thousand! Who are able to handle that? It’s overwhelming.”

Fultz completely vets most of her client’s possible matches. She does criminal background checks, scours court public records and conducts interviews that are in-person.

She wants to satisfy matches that are potential restaurants, placing them to your test the moment they approach. “Do they make attention contact?” she stated. “Do they open doors? How can they treat staff?”


Fultz works with about 15 to 20 investing customers at the same time. a six-month membership cost begins at $8,800, but could cost up to $15,000 if a customer requires more attention, she said. “It’s an investment. You should be ready to spend money on yourself — and your personal future.”

The cost includes a long assessment with Fultz, advice on fashion, beauty tips and a expert photoshoot.

“I’m confidante, advisor and encourager,” she said. “If there will be something that isn’t working, your absolute best buddies aren’t actually planning to inform you. They desire you become delighted. i wish to set my customers up for success, therefore if there’s one thing that we see, i am going to absolutely point it down. Folks are employing me personally become truthful them find love. together with them and also to help”

Pro matchmaker Erica Suzanne Fultz shows a photograph of Jill and Stan whom she harmonized. “They certainly are a effective love tale going strong after 3 years,” she said. (Jean Pieri / Pioneer Press)

To find love, consumers must first enjoy a their lives that are own based on Fultz.

“If you aren’t loving your self and pleased with yourself, it is impossible I am able to produce almost any match that will work. Ever,” she stated.

Fultz then turns to real and improvements that are cosmetic.

“Look good, feel good,” she said. “You’ve surely got to place your self on the market within the most useful light — the best self as you are able to be. You must show that you’re wanting to be here. That you intend to be here. in the event that you dress a particular means, and you’re caring regarding the looks, you’re showing”

Fultz produces Pinterest panels on her behalf consumers and “pins” ideas for hairstyles, hair color, clothes and dental veneers regarding the scrapbooking site that is digital.

A board she created for a Minneapolis customer revealed pictures of females with long, layered locks; the lady, that is in her own very early 40s, has quick brown locks and bangs, Fultz stated. “I want her to grow out her bangs, and place some levels in there, place lovestruck in some shows. … It’s an easy, easy modification.”

Another Pinterest board — made for a 45-year-old customer in Houston — showcased a picture of a lady using white jeans, a blue-and-white striped shirt and cork wedge sandals. “We were taking a look at summer-date clothes,” Fultz stated. “She’s more youthful. I desired her to demonstrate her figure. She will not prefer to do this, but she’s got a figure that is great. She’s in Texas, to get away with white jeans much longer.”


Inside her initial meeting with possible customers, Fultz asks if they’re available to feedback and recommendations. “If you’re not, you understand, that is kind of beating the point,” she stated. “Why can you head to a trainer at the gymnasium if you’re not planning to stick to the suggestions?”

Among Fultz’s feedback: No swearing. No chewing along with your mouth available. Don’t reveal too skin that is much. Don’t have significantly more than three beverages on a night out together. Don’t move too fast actually.

Fultz’s clients are fully guaranteed at the very least three times during each session that is six-month nonetheless they usually carry on numerous times due to their match. If consumers start dating a match, they are able to place their account “on hold” for so long while they want, she stated.

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Customers fill in a questionnaire that is lengthy covers anything from favorite color to spiritual and governmental opinions to income choice to delivery purchase. If you had a choice, would you rather go dancing or have a quiet night at home among them? The thing that was the absolute most significant success you’ve had within the last 5 years? Celebrity you see many appealing? Do you really appreciate providing or getting gift suggestions?

She pairs individuals with love passions and values and coordinates their very very first conference.

“I attempt to have them doing tasks which are side-by-side,” she said. “Ice skating. Bowling. Walking on the lakes. Topgolf is a good one.”

She once arranged for a couple of to perform a 5-k battle on their first date. “Of course they’re still together!” she stated. “Because why would anyone execute a first-date 5K unless these were supposed to be together?”

An average of, Fultz’s consumers work with her for 12 to eighteen months, but she matched Pete Hayes and Denielle Mehr from the first try. “One and done,” she said. “That’s my favorite. I experienced a feeling that is good them. They simply clicked. That they had extremely lifestyles that are comparable similar characters and dispositions.

“But I’m able to never ever anticipate chemistry,” she said. “I want I experienced some juju that is magic i possibly could inform whether some body will probably match. I might be living and retired in Fiji at this time if i really could.”


Hayes, 52, who lives in western Wisconsin, and Mehr, 45, of Minneapolis, met in August after Hayes hired Fultz to get him a match. Mehr, a recruiter that is corporate self-proclaimed “hater” of online dating sites, had approached Fultz final cold weather and asked become incorporated into her database.